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Silvia G. Gerges is passionate about issues relating to children and adolescents. Her background in counseling children and adolescents who have suffered from abuse, neglect and/or maltreatment has given her a unique perspective on the issue. She uses her experience to advocate for children and adolescents' rights to living in a healthy and nurturing environment.


Silvia is on staff at Children's Aid and Family Services, a large northern New Jersey not-for-profit that provides a myriad of services to children and adolescents including adoption services, foster care programs, group homes, and outpatient therapy. Silvia serves as the agency's compliance officer/in-house counsel and uses her background in counseling in combination with her knowledge of the law in order to advocate for children's rights while in care.


Silvia also works with her local church youth group and provides counseling to teenagers having difficulty coping with major decisions in their lives as well as the difficulties of growing up. 


Silvia's passion for caring for children and adolescents extends beyond the borders of the United States. Silvia is involved in supporting orphanages in the Middle East and 

works with organizations there to provide clean water and food. She hopes to use her legal education and influence to have an impact on simplifying the adoption process of young children from the Middle East.


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