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Silvia G. Gerges is managing partner at the law firm of Lawrence & Gerges,

LLC, with offices in New Jersey and New York City. She focuses her

practice on medical malpractice, professional malpractice (i.e. malpractice

by other licensed professionals), personal injury and employment

discrimination cases. Silvia also practices in other areas of litigation

such as consumer fraud and civil rights. 


She is committed to get her clients the best possible result whether

through settlement or trial. She prides herself in knowing each one

of her clients and each of their stories. She understands that litigation

is a difficult process for clients and appreciates that clients are coming

to her when they are most vulnerable. Therefore, Silvia takes the time

to explain to her clients what they can expect through the litigation

process starting at the investigative phase, where she is collecting

information about their case, all the way to trial or settlement. 


Clients can expect that Silvia will communicate with them promptly and will be familiar with the status of their case. They can expect that Silvia will give them her honest opinion about the strengths and weaknesses in their case and will fight to get them the best result for their particular situation. She will take the time to listen to clients' individual stories and will help them weigh the best option for them based on their circumstances and preferences.


Silvia enjoys and values working in a team setting and will draw on the skills and utilize the assistance of other experienced attorneys, her support staff, and outside experts in various fields to provide the best possible representation for her clients. 



A passionate & effective advocate on your side...


Top Rated Personal Injury Lawyer Elizabeth NJ
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